Our Hospital

Every staff member touches the lives of the patients and families in our care. We treat those we serve and each other with kindness and compassion and strive to better understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community.

Our Mission

To improve the health and healing of the people and communities we serve and Dedicated to caring for your health.


Continuously strive for excellence in service and clinical quality to distinguish us with our patients and other customers.

Core Values

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Vision
  • Compassion
  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Everyone

Our Services

This quality of patient care is possible in RSCMS Hospitals because of an engaged workforce that takes pride in its day-to-day responsibilities. They are able to alleviate feelings of stress and fear in patients while instilling in them a positive approach towards treatment. Through small acts of kindness,they create a superior patient experience that few others are able to match.

Emergency Care

RSCMS Hospital provide emergency care for traumas and other serious conditions. Emergency room staffs are prepared to provide triage and stabilize patients until they can be moved to a room or treated and released.


RSCMS Hospital stock and staff surgical suites that can be used for outpatient services or in-depth procedures, such as transplants, heart surgery and repairing broken bones.Surgical services include anesthesiology services, nursing care, pre and post-operative rooms, and lab and x-ray technicians.


RSCMS Hospital provide pharmacy services that supply patients with medications as prescribed. In addition to providing in patients with medicine.


RSCMS Hospital provide maternity care. Rooms are available that are all-inclusive where mothers can give birth, nurse their babies and spend a day two recovering from the delivery. Newborn intensive care facilities are available in hospital for babies born prematurely or with other serious medical conditions.RSCMS hospitals also prepare for emergency deliveries and those with complications that require special care.


RSCMS Hospital are the largest employers of nurses, who staff all sections in hospitals. Nurses carry out the orders provided by doctors and see to the daily needs of patients who are staying in rooms at the hospital. Nurses assist physicians in surgery and staff various services in hospitals 24 hours a day.


RSCMS Hospital provide specialty services such as cardiology wards, pediatric services and rehabilitation units. Nurses and technicians who work in specialty units receive additional training to serve that population.Specialty units at hospital typically provide social services in addition to medical treatments in the form of specialized referrals or in-house counselors.


Our hospital portfolio is a diversified portfolio of facilities providing acute and post-acute care services by best-in-class hospital operators / tenants and includes: Hospitals offering a wide range of services such as fully-equipped operating and recovery rooms, obstetrics, radiology, magnetic resonance imaging, intensive care, surgery rooms, oncology / nuclear medicine, therapy, rehabilitation and out-patient services

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